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Pro-Tec Ankle Wrap Support The Pro-Tec Ankle Wrap Ankle Support provides moderate support for ankle sprains. How It Works: The Ankle Wrap stabilizes the ankle joint, preventing sudden twists or turns which may cause further injury. The Pro-Tec Ankle Wrap provides stabilization for an ankle inversion or sprain Combines warmth and compression of a neoprene sleeve with the stabilizing benefits of a figure 8 wrap Fits comfortably in any shoe Indications The Pro-Tec Ankle Wrap is indicated for mild to moderate ankle sprains and as a preventative ankle wrap Goals Increase ankle stability Prevent inversion/eversion Decrease anti-inflammatory medications Decrease pain symptoms in the ankle joint Improve ankle joint function Ease of use Support Level This brace is rated Level I Click here for Rating Information: - Pro-Tec Braces 210X

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